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All About Us!

Originality, charm, beauty, free spirited, visionary- these are the words that come to mind when you see Indigo Sol.

Indigo Sol began with a dream, a wish to bring unique, trendy fashions to the sun kissed shores of Wilmington, NC. After years of developing savvy business skills, the doors to the first Indigo Sol opened on November 25, 2011. A team of dedicated dreamers helped the then 28 year old owner to make this aspiration a reality. The humbled owner is hesitant to take any recognition for his accomplishment. He believes the credit is owed to the customers. They are ones who really made this vision succeed. However, a combination of his hard work, the commitment of his staff, and the admiration of the customers has made Indigo Sol what it is today. We proudly opened a second location, in the heart of downtown Wilmington on September 5, 2015. And we hope to expand even more, but will always keep the values and feel of a local boutique. Always a work in progress, Indigo Sol is now emerging from the waters to bring our brand to boho babes across the country.

In the hopes of reaching more clients and spreading our love of fashion , as so many of our customers have requested, we are very excited to announce the launching of this website. Our goal is to bring you the beauty of the beach wherever you may live. We offer the best trends at reasonable prices, because we support your dreams. We know that everyone deserves the opportunity to manifest their own magic, and to look amazing while doing it. The goal of Indigo Sol is to bring you not only the hottest trends, but also unique boho edged styles that are not available anywhere else AND at a price you can afford.

Women are beautiful, and our fashion mirrors their elegance. Just as no two women are exactly the same, our individualistic style is a reflection of that. So much of the women’s fashion industry assumes uniformity. We aim for independence. Our logo is a testament to that. “Indigo” was chosen for its relation to all that is unique and innovative. (i.e. the indigo child, the generation of children born in the 70s-90s whom possess extraordinary qualities) and “Sol” the Spanish word for “Sun” which was chosen to symbolize the radiance of feminine beauty that is enhanced with our fashions. You could think of Indigo Sol like a blue sun- remarkably beautiful and spectacular, and unlike anything anyone’s ever seen. Indigo Sol is the definition of originality.

As always, we appreciate your business and hope you will be as passionate about our fashion as we are about you!

It is because of every single one of you, old and new, that we look forward to every day at Indigo!